DiastopUsed in arresting mild to moderate diarrhoea of any etiology in patients.

Diastop suspension is an orally effective anti-diarrhea preparation that works by absorbing potential toxins i.e. toxic agents from bacteria or germs that may cause diarrhea, hence Diastop Suspension is used in arresting mild to moderate diarrhea of any etiology in patients. It contains Kaolin Light as the active ingredient, hence it is an adsorbent which is effective in the symptomatic treatment and control of diarrhea.


Each ml of uniform suspension contains Kaolin Light B.P 200mg

Direction for Use

IT IS IMPORTANT YOU SPEAK TO A PHARMACIST OR SEE YOUR DOCTOR. This Suspension contains Kaolin Light BP; do not take any other medications containing Kaolin Light at the same time. The fluid loss caused by diarrhea may result in a severe dehydration. It is therefore very important that a sufficient amount of liquid be given to replace the fluid loss of the body. Concurrent administration of Diastop suspension with other drugs e.g. Lincomycin, Tetracycline, may reduce the absorption of the drug.


Treatment with Diastop Suspension should be accompanied by plenty of fluid intake and electrolyte replacement, e.g. Oral rehydration fluids, salt and sugar solution, and soft drinks. Food such as vegetable, fruits pepper, fried foods, candy, coffee and alcoholic beverages should be avoided during treatment for diarrhea as these tend to aggravate the condition.

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