Renu Advanced Formula Multi-Purpose Solution combines three disinfectants to kill 99.9% of germs*, provides excellent cleaning, and has an enhanced conditioning system to provide you with all day comfort.

When used daily, Renu Advanced Formula multi-purpose solution dissolves protein and cleans, loosens and removes accumulations of film, debris and deposits from soft contact lenses. Renu Advanced Formula multi-purpose solution helps prevent the formation of irritating deposits on the lens surface. It kills harmful microorganisms on the lens. Renu Advanced Formula multi-purpose solution can also be used to rinse lenses.

This solution conditions, cleans, removes protein, disinfects, rinses, and stores soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses.

Triple Disinfectant System
Unique formula leverages 3 disinfectants to provide excellent disinfection

Excellent Cleaning
When used daily, Renu Advanced Formula multi-purpose solution cleans & helps prevent the formation of deposits on lenses

All Day Comfort
Conditions and hydrates lenses for all day comfort 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Triple Disinfection System - Kills 99% of germs
  • Excellent Cleaning
  • Provides up to 20 Hours of Moisture
  • Everyday Value
  • Carton and bottle are recyclable.

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