Product Description

PrimeCast™ is a synthetic casting tape impregnated with polyurethane resin which is activated by water before use. Quality of PrimeCast™ is well proven through years of successful sales worldwide and it is certainly one of the top quality products currently available in the market.
PrimeCast™ Soft is semi rigid Casting tape and substrated Fiberglass and Polyester fabric.

Excellent Moulding
Superior multi-directional stretch gives excellent moulding on curved area.

Smooth Finish
High quality knitted substrate and special resin formula provides smooth surface and clean and strong end lamination.

Cost Effectiveness
Savings from less number of rolls needed and less re-casting due to breakage result in a cost comparable to POP bandage.

Plus usual benefits of synthetic casting tape;
Lightweight, Strength and Durability, Air-permeability and X-ray transparency.

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