NCP Antiseptic Liquid Promotes daily personal hygiene and natural healing. It is effective in the treatment of sore throat, mouth infections, cuts, wounds and bruises. It is also promotes the natural healing of boils, spots and skin irritations.

Ingredient: Each ml of NCP Antiseptic liquid contains Phenol 1.75mg, Halogenated Phenols 6.8mg and Sodium Salicylate 0.52mg

Direction for Use: Cuts, grazes, bites, minor burns and scalds. Apply freely and if necessary cover with a dry surgical dressing. For Boils, spots, skin irritations, pimples, rashes and sun burn, dab every four hours and allow to dry. For cold, sore throat: At first sign gargle with the liquid diluted with about 5 parts water or spray the throat with slightly diluted TCP using an all-glass throat spray. Repeat night and morning. As a mouth wash use daily, diluted with about 5 parts water, after meals. Additionally, for gum troubles and mouth ulcers, apply undiluted three times daily and consult your dentist. For bruises and sprains apply lint dressing soaked with TCP liquid antiseptic diluted wuth 3parts water. Dab again at intervals.
Caution: Store in dry cool place with cover tightly closed. Keep away from the reach and sight of children

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