1.The Vagina has a natural faint musky or fleshy smell it’s completely normal,there is nothing wrong with you
2.It is NORMAL to have discharge...the Vagina lubricates itself it’s a healthy way it keeps itself clean and prevents infection.I see many clients saying ‘I have discharge’ the nature of the discharge determines if it’s bad or good
3.Our Vagina smell,colour and discharge texture can change based on certain factors like drugs,menstrual cycle
3.Vaginal Infections are not always due to poor hygiene
4.Just because you are itching doesn’t mean you have an infection,YES I said so
5.Certain foods that contain a lot sugar encourage the growth of yeast infections and should be avoid especially if you are someone that frequently has yeast infections
6.The Vagina actually has healthy bacteria called Lactobacillus lives in the Vagina and protects it from other harmful organisms.
❌Peeing after sex does not flush sperm. It might only helps to prevent infection as a result of sperm rubbing on the Vulva
❌ Vagina infection does not necessarily mean poor hygiene.This has been a belief for a long time.I am even guilty of this when I was much younger and not a professional, I use to think people that have infections are just dirty.It’s not true anyone can have an infection
❌There is no need to use strong fragrance soaps to wash the Vagina it strips it of it’s s flora
❌ Always wipe from front to back to prevent transferring infections
❌ Antibiotics actually worsen some Vagina infections like Candida.I hear women saying I’ve taken ‘a lot of antibiotics for this infection they said I have Candida’. Candidiasis is not treated with ANTIBIOTICS..I wish I could use a microphone 😂
❌ Do not just buy any product they sell in the market that ‘cures all ‘ for infection. Your Vagina is sensitive and a little imbalance can cause a serious infection that will cost money and take time to treat
Always meet experienced pharmacist to advice you properly on medications to use for for infection. Stop falling pray to advice anybody gives and guarantees that it works

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